FAQ: All Free Whitetail Deer Calls And How To Use Them?

What is the best deer call app?

5 Best Deer Call Apps (Android & iOS)

  • Deer Calls & Sounds lite.
  • Deer Calls for Hunting.
  • Deer Calls HD.
  • iSolunar™ Hunting & Fishing Times.
  • onX Hunt: #1 GPS Hunting Map.

How often should you use a deer bleat call?

Using a grunt call is a great way attract the attention of mature bucks. You should look to only grunt periodically, every 15 minutes to 20 minutes. ‘Blind calling’ can work but it is best to make the calls subtle and sparingly because you don’t know how close a deer might be to you.

What is the best deer call to attract bucks?

For that reason, fawn bleats are the best deer calls on the market for attracting does. Even if you’re after a mature buck, fawn bleats will sometimes attract bucks out of curiosity. But more often than not in the weeks around the rut, bucks are hot on the hooves of does.

Are deer call apps legal?

It is legal to possess electronic calls in many states, it is just illegal to use them.

When should I grunt for deer?

Bucks grunt during all phases of the rut, including when making scrapes, rubbing trees, fighting, and chasing does. Typically, it is a vocalization to project dominance over a doe or other bucks in the area. A soft grunt call is most effective when a buck is in sight but out of shooting range.

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How often should you buck grunt?

CALL REPEATEDLY In areas in early to mid-October, it can’t hurt to blow half a dozen moderately loud grunts every 20 to 30 minutes. Do this whenever you’re archery hunting in a draw or on a ridge where deer move between bedding and feeding areas. You should also grunt periodically from a stand near a bedding area.

How often should I bleat call?

Use it in combination with a grunt call and if there is a buck around he will come in. Blind calling every 20-30 minutes.

How do you lure a buck during the rut?

Use Scents As with calling, which fools a buck’s ears, you can also attract bucks by fooling their nose with scents. Estrous-doe, dominant-buck and mock-scrape scents usually work best for rut hunts. An estrous-based scent smells like a doe that’s ready to breed.

Do digital deer calls work?

Even if the electronic deer call doesn’t sound too realistic they can still be used as a distraction of a sort, long enough to get a shot off. In my opinion that’s all many scent and deer lures do is create a diversion/momentary distraction, just long enough to get ole’ mossy horns harpooned.

How do you blind grunt for deer?

Grab a grunt call, like the Buck Roar or Rut Roar, and give 2-3 soft grunts spaced a second apart. Then wait for 5 minutes, to see if there was anything really close. If nothing happens, now it’s time to get a little bit louder to see if you can pull a deer in from way out there.

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