FAQ: How Much Does A Mature Texas Whitetail Deer Weigh?

How much do Texas deer weigh?

Male deer (Buck) usually range in weight from 130 to 220 pounds and rare cases in upwards of 300+ pounds. A female deer (doe) usually weigh in around 100 to 130 pounds and in rare cases upwards of 160 to 175 pounds have been recorded.

How much does a mature whitetail deer weigh?

An adult male deer usually weighs up to 300 pounds. Female deer can weigh up to 125 pounds. The average height for a white tailed deer is 3.5 feet high.

What is the biggest whitetail deer ever killed in Texas?

Texas. The Tom McCulloch buck, taken in 1963 in Maverick County, is the state-record typical and the 47th largest of all time.

How much do whitetail deer weigh?

Some properties can safely operate 1 deer for every 8 acres while others must keep their deer density closer to 1 deer per 15 or 25 acres. This varies across the whitetail deer’s range as well as from property to property.

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What county in Texas has the highest deer population?

Deer density within the Edwards Plateau varied wildly with an estimated 94 deer per 1,000 acres in DMU 5 (Schleicher, Menard, Kimble, & Sutton Counties) to an estimated 293 Deer per 1,000 acres in DMU 6 (Llano, San Saba, Gillespie, and Keer Counties). DMU 6 holds the highest deer density anywhere in the state of Texas.

Is Doe meat better than Buck?

Unless the meat is tainted or spoiled, it all makes good hamburger or jerky. Beware of Old Does. I’ve heard some hunters claim that “ does taste better than bucks.” That’s not inherently true. A mature doe that’s spent a summer nursing fawns is about the toughest, stringiest deer in the woods.

What is the average lifespan of a deer?

Lifespan/Longevity Most white-tailed deer live about 2 to 3 years. Maximum life span in the wild is 20 years but few live past 10 years old.

How tall is the average whitetail buck?

1.7 – 3.9 ft. Adult, At Shoulder /: How tall is the average whitetail buck?

What state produces the biggest bucks? Here’s a rundown of where to go in the top 10 states that over the last decade produced the greatest number of whitetail B&C entries.

  1. Wisconsin. Wisconsin is easily the top producer of B&C whitetails.
  2. Kentucky.
  3. Ohio.
  4. Indiana.
  5. Iowa.
  6. Minnesota.
  7. Illinois.
  8. Kansas.

What is the largest whitetail buck ever killed?

What’s more, the Brewster buck is also now the largest whitetail ever killed by a hunter anywhere in the world, topping Stephen Tucker’s 47-point Tennessee monarch, a Nov. 2016 buck that scored 312 0/8 inches.

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What state has the most big bucks?

Here are the top overall states for Boone and Crockett bucks for total entries per square mile of land mass within the last 10 years.

  • Wisconsin | 712 total entries | 0.01310 entries.
  • Ohio | 457 total entries | 0.01116 entries.
  • Kentucky | 418 total entries | 0.01052 entries.
  • Indiana | 368 total entries | 0.01026 entries.

How much meat will a 100 lb deer yield?

Deer typically yield about a maximum of about 40% meat once skin, bones, and guts are removed. So – 100 pound doe should yield 40 pounds of meat. This will vary depending on amount of fat, stomach content, etc.

How much do deer weigh on average?

Reindeer: 350 – 400 lbs

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