FAQ: West Texas How To Tell A Mule Deer Ffrom A Whitetail?

How can you tell the difference between a whitetail deer and a mule deer?

Whitetail deer’s ears are still large but not as large as a mule deer’s. The most obvious difference between these two species is their tails. Mule deer have a white rump and a tail with a black tip at the end of it. Whitetail deer have a brown rump and only the underside of its tail is white.

How do you tell the difference between a white tail and a mule?

Mule deer typically have more white and white tones on their faces than white -tails do, and it’s usually a lighter color than the rest of their oat. They tend to have darker foreheads than white-tails, as well. White-tails usually have brown-ish tints on their faces, with white-ish rings around their nose and eyes.

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What kind of deer are in West Texas?

Mule deer occur primarily west of the Pecos River and in parts of the High Plains of the Texas Panhandle. Despite increased numbers and range expansion over the last 60 years, mule deer continue to experience significant population fluctuations.

Are there mule deer in West Texas?

Approximately 80–85 percent of the mule deer in Texas inhabit the Trans-Pecos Region while the remainder are found in the Panhandle and western Edwards Plateau regions (Fig. 1). the Trans-Pecos to Randall and Armstrong counties. This region is the most ecologically and vegetatively diverse area in Texas.

What tastes better whitetail or mule deer?

I don’t discern much difference in taste between the two and feel a good mule deer is every bit as good eating as a whitetail. The only thing I have noticed is that in the rut, mule deer bucks seem to be gamier smelling than a whitetail buck and the meat can be stronger tasting when they are rutting hard.

Can mule deer breed with whitetail?

Whitetail bucks will breed with mule deer does, and the offspring usually retain the whitetail characteristics. Reverse mating — mule deer bucks to whitetail does — is rarer. So where the two species share a common range, the whitetail tends to dominate.

What colors can mule deer see?

What researchers have found is that deer can see colors, though they don’t experience them in the same way we do. They can pick out short (blue) and middle (green) wavelength colors, but they’re less sensitive to long wavelength colors such as red and orange.

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What is the lifespan of a mule deer?

Mule deer usually live 9-11 years in the wild and can live to be much older when in captivity. These deer range from 3.0-3.5 feet tall at the shoulder, 4.5-7.0 feet long and have a tail that is 5.0-8.0 inches long. they can weigh between 130-280 pounds.

Are mule deer bigger than whitetail?

Body Size. While it’s hard to determine size and weight in the field, in Colorado, mule deer tend to be a bit bigger and weigh in a little heavier than white-tailed deer. The mule deer stands three to three and a half feet tall at the shoulder, with bucks weighing 125-250 pounds.

What county in Texas has the most deer?

Deer density within the Edwards Plateau varied wildly with an estimated 94 deer per 1,000 acres in DMU 5 (Schleicher, Menard, Kimble, & Sutton Counties) to an estimated 293 Deer per 1,000 acres in DMU 6 (Llano, San Saba, Gillespie, and Keer Counties). DMU 6 holds the highest deer density anywhere in the state of Texas.

What 4 states touch the Texas border?

Texas shares borders with the states of Louisiana to the east, Arkansas to the northeast, Oklahoma to the north, New Mexico to the west, and the Mexican states of Chihuahua, Coahuila, Nuevo León, and Tamaulipas to the south and southwest, and has a coastline with the Gulf of Mexico to the southeast.

What words do Texans say differently?

Here’s a glossary of 10 words and phrases commonly used by Texans:

  • “Coke” is any carbonated beverage, not specifically coca-cola.
  • “Bless your heart” is an expression used to show pity.
  • “Fixin’ to” means about to.
  • “Git-R-Done” means get it done.
  • “Gonna” means going to.
  • “Howdy” means hello.
  • “Reckon” means think.
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Where is the best mule deer hunting in Texas?

Did you know Texas has some of the best Mule Deer around? The Trans-Pecos and the Panhandle regions offer some phenomenal Mule Deer hunting. In Texas it’s 90% private landowner tags, with an over the counter license. HWO has access to multiple different private ranches with basically unlimited acreage.

Can you shoot mule deer doe in Texas?

On the LBJ National Grasslands in Montague and Wise counties antlerless may only be taken during archery, youth-only, and during the 4-day season (known as doe days). On all other US Forest Service (USFS) lands, antlerless deer may only be taken during archery, muzzleloader, and the youth-only seasons.

How much does a mule deer hunt cost in Texas?


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