FAQ: Where To Shoot A Whitetail Deer With An Arrow From A Tree Stand?

Where to aim at a deer with a bow from a tree stand?

For example, when aiming from a treestand at a broadside deer, you must aim slightly below the deer’s mid-line to ensure the arrow strikes it there.

Why do I shoot high from a treestand?

Failure to aim lower on steeply angled shots is a major reason many archers shoot over the top of deer from treestands. Depending on your arrow speed, at that range, you probably would have been good simply placing the gap between your 20- and 30-yard pins in the middle of the deer’s chest.

How do you hunt deer from a tree stand?

15 Tips for Deer Hunting from a Treestand

  1. Always apply a lifeline system to every treestand you have.
  2. Wear a harness.
  3. Conduct regular maintenance.
  4. Choose the right treestand based on your needs.
  5. The sooner the better when it comes to hanging treestands.
  6. Know when to do a hang-and-hunt.
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Where do you shoot a deer straight down?

When shooting at an animal standing broadside, the traditional aiming point for bowhunters would be just behind the front shoulder and a third of the way up from the brisket. This is the sweet spot. If you hit that spot, you will pierce the heart and make a quick kill.

Where to shoot a deer to drop it in its tracks?

The Spot You Need To Hit. With a quality bullet or slug, you can kill a broadside deer in its tracks by shooting through the near-side shoulder and into (or through) the off-side shoulder. And if you have the skills, gear and time to be extra precise in your shot placement, hit a bit high in the shoulder.

What is the animal more likely to do the longer the arrow is in the air?

They know that the chance of wounding game increases as distance increases because: It becomes more difficult to hit the vital areas. The arrow may be deflected by unnoticed brush. The longer the arrow is in the air, the greater the chance the animal will move.

Do you aim low shooting downhill with a bow?

When shooting downhill with a bow, it’s important to aim low. When you shoot from an elevated position, how we perceive distance changes. The distance as you see it to the target is not the same the distance that gravity sees to the target. Gravity only acts perpendicular to the Earth.

What is the still hunting strategy?

As the name implies, still hunting is walking stealthily through an animal’s habitat, stopping frequently—sometimes for long periods—to scan and listen for game. Typically, big-game hunters use this method in unfamiliar terrain or where stands are impractical or forbidden.

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Why am I missing high with my bow?

Most archery hunters tend to miss high just like Don. There are three reasons: gravity, shooting form and string jumping deer. The first reason is gravity-you have to shoot high or Newton got that bump on his head for nothing. If you are using the same bow you sighted-in on the ground, you will shoot high.

What should you carry with you in a stand?

Carry a flashlight, extra bulbs, and batteries. Always turn on your flashlight while walking to or from your tree stand in low-light conditions.

How Does height affect arrow flight?

Brace height decreases the power stroke of the bow. That means if you have a perfect arrow that hits where you want, if you increase the BH, you lose a slight amount of stroke, which will make your arrow hit slightly to the left (if you are righthanded).

Will deer come back after they smell you?

Spooked deer will return to their bedding area, but when they return depends on how much the intrusion frightened them. If they can’t pinpoint the threat, they’ll likely return sooner than if they saw or smelled you.

Can deer smell you in a tree stand?

More often than not, a deer will smell you before seeing or hearing you when you’re in the tree stand. One of the most tried and true hunting tips is to play the wind when you hunt. If you’re always downwind, they can’t smell you. Start your hunt with D/Code scent elimination products by Code Blue Scents®.

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What is the best height for a tree stand?

Most bowhunters hang treestands 17 to 20 feet up the tree. However, that’s a general rule, and doesn’t apply to every situation. Remember: Use cover to conceal your outline and movements. The less cover you find, the higher you should hang your treestand, within reason.

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