Readers ask: Where Do You Spray The Whitetail Deer Scent On The Hunter?

Where do you put deer scent?

Dip the wicks into a deer scent bottle, and start dragging it beside you about 150 yards from your deer stand. This scent drag will lead a lovesick buck right towards your hunting area.

Do you spray deer urine on yourself?

The best steps to take in reducing your scent are to eliminate the unnatural smells humans often carry with them. Yet, you can reduce your smell, to some extent, by spraying yourself with odor eliminator and spraying the bottoms of your boots with deer urine.

How do you cover scent when hunting deer?

Hunting companies sell all kinds of natural and artificial masking scent, cover spray and attractant for use during a hunt. You can choose from natural cover sprays like pine, acorn, apple and earth or even scents designed to smell like raccoon, fox or skunk urine.

Does Buck urine stink?

It’s a musky smell, a doctored-up urine scent, if you will, thanks to the influences of a deer’s tarsal gland, found on the animal’s hind leg. It’s so critical to the unique scent of deer urine, some companies that bottle and sell urine to deer hunters include actual tarsal glands in the bottle.

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How far away can a buck smell Doe Estrus?

ANSWER: Under normal conditions, a deer can smell a human that is not making any attempt to hide its odor at least 1/4 mile away. If the scenting conditions are perfect (humid with a light breeze), it can even be farther. So they are pretty impressive.

Should I put doe urine in a scrape?

“In the pre-rut, it’s too early for doe estrus. If a doe smells that, it will spook her, and she’ll leave. You want to keep her there, so use buck urine instead; it simply sends a signal that another buck is in the area.” In addition to food sources, scrapes are also effective locations for digital cameras.

Can you use too much Doe Estrus?

The doe are not in heat yet, so the bucks are not chasing and you shouldn’t be using an estrous scent at this point. You can use a normal doe urine, but estrous is from the point in time the doe go into heat. I would start using it around October 28th or so until the end of the regular archery season.

When should I start using Doe Estrus?

Doe in heat urine is best used during the rut (or, sometimes the “earlier rut” that happens when some older does sometimes get a biological advantage and go into estrus 28 days sooner than the other younger does).

Does human urine attract deer?

“But it’s unlikely deer associate human urine with humans, unless a human leaves their scent behind along with the urine.” Miller agrees. “Deer aren’t genetically programmed to be able to identify human urine.

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What is the best scent killer spray for deer hunting?

Best Hunting Scent Eliminators

  • Wildlife Research. Scent Killer Combo Pack. Long-Lasting Effect.
  • Scent-A-Way. Odorless Hunters Spray.
  • Dead Down Wind. Trophy Hunter Odor Eliminator Kit.
  • Arrest My Vest. Odor Eliminating Spray.
  • Elimishield Hunt. Scent Elimination Spray.

What is the best deer scent to use?

Top Deer Scents For Trophy Bucks

  • Buck Bomb Scrape Tape.
  • Code Blue Grave Digger.
  • Dead Down Wind Scent Prevention Kit.
  • Mrs.
  • Primos Silver XP Continuous Spray.
  • Wildlife Research Center Hot Scrape Mock Scrape Kit.
  • Thermacell Outdoor Lantern.
  • Tink’s Vanish Odor Elimination.

What smells a spook deer?

Dogs, humans, gasoline, oil, perfume, coyotes? Not just human odors put deer on alert. How about smoke, laundry soap?

Does rain cover your scent?

Wind and rain can affect how long scents linger. Scents can disappear quickly on hot, dry days because air currents carry scents away. On the other hand, scents linger longer on cool, wet days — especially on or near the ground. Heavy rains wash away odors and winds carry odors over a broader area.

Does scent control really matter?

‘ Research has told us deer can smell anywhere from 100 to 1,000 times better than the human nose. So there’s your answer, scent control is important because deer have an unbelievable sense of smell. If hunters (especially archers hunting from a stand) intend to get close, they must reduce some human odor.

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