When Did Whitetail Deer Population Michigan?

How many whitetail deer are in Michigan?

Meanwhile, the white-tailed deer population has been steadily increasing, leading to concerns about overpopulation. MDNR estimates put the Michigan deer population around 1.75 million for 2019.

When was Michigan’s first deer season?

Legislative activity to control market hunting culminated with an 1895 law, which really marked the beginning of deer management in Michigan. The open deer hunting season was established to be November 1 through 25. A bag limit of five deer was set. A license was also required to hunt deer.

Are whitetail deer native to Michigan?

White-tailed deer are native to Michigan, but over the last six decades their population has grown to levels that are much higher than any prior period.

How many deer are hunted in Michigan?

That year, there were approximately 837,000 deer hunters participating in Michigan’s deer seasons. Just 20 years later, in 2018, 361,000 deer were harvested by approximately 554,000 hunters.

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What state has the most deer?

According to a 2015 deer population estimate by North American Whitetail magazine, here are the states with the largest deer populations:

  • Texas: Estimated population of 4 million.
  • Alabama: Estimated population of 1.8 million.
  • Mississippi: Estimated population of 1.8 million.
  • Missouri: Estimated population of 1.3 million.

Which county in Michigan has the most deer?

But if a big Michigan whitetail is your goal, look to southern counties. Looking at combined Boone and Crockett and Pope and Young entries, the highest concentration of record deer come from the southwestern corner of the state. Focus on areas between Ottawa, Lapeer, Berrien, and Lenawee counties.

Can you bait deer in Michigan in 2021?

LANSING — Several 2021 deer hunting season announcements were made by Michigan’s Department of Natural Resources this week. Baiting and feeding is banned in the entire Lower Peninsula and the Core CWD Surveillance Area in the Upper Peninsula.

Are piebald deer legal to shoot in Michigan?

It is LEGAL to harvest albino, all-white or piebald deer in Michigan (piebald deer are white with some brown markings). Part of the confusion about the legality may stem from the fact that until 2008 albino and all-white deer were protected in Michigan and could not be harvested by hunters.

Can you hunt on January 1st in Michigan?

1 through January 1, according to the 2020 Michigan Hunting Digest. The limit for each hunter is one kill per tag. Following the archery season, the regular firearm season will begin on November 15 and run through November 30. The muzzleloading season runs from December 4-13.

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Why do deer have white bums?

No white bum = better camouflage. White bum = seen by predators/cyclists but better chance of getting away.

Do deer squat when they poop?

Registered. swampbuck62 said: The only time I have ever seen a doe squat was to pee in a scrape. I have seen tons of deer poop and they always do it while standing or walking.

How long do white tail deer live?

Most white-tailed deer live about 2 to 3 years. Maximum life span in the wild is 20 years but few live past 10 years old.

Where is the best deer hunting in Michigan?

Ranking Michigan’s best 25 regions for deer hunting

  • Midland County.
  • Lenawee County.
  • Roscommon County.
  • Tuscola, Huron and Sanilac counties.
  • Kalamazoo and St.
  • Mecosta, Montcalm and Gratiot counties.
  • Ingham County.
  • Clinton County.

Can I carry a pistol while bow hunting in Michigan?

If you have a Concealed Pistol License in Michigan, you can carry concealed or open. You may not take any game with a handgun while bow hunting. A rifle, shotgun, muzzleloader, or bow may be of limited use when in an defense situation.

Is it illegal to shoot a fawn in Michigan?

Yes – shooting a fawn is completely legal. If you have a tag, you can shoot it. Nothing whatsoever unethical about harvesting a spotted fawn.

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