When Do Whitetail Deer Rub Trees?

What time of year do bucks rub trees?

The causal agent of this injury is from deer (bucks) rubbing their antlers on the stem, or trunk, of the tree. The time of year that this is most likely is early fall to late winter. In early fall bucks rub there antlers against small trees, usually one to three inches in diameter.

What time of year do deer rub antlers on trees?

As that velvety coating begins to shed, they often rub their antlers on trees with low branches to aid in that shedding, in a process known as “buck rub”. This typically coincides with mating season, which can begin as early as September and can last into February with the peak in October.

Do bucks rub the same trees every year?

Bucks often select highly aromatic trees like pines and eastern red cedar to rub on, and amazingly, one buck can make an average of 300 to 400 rubs each fall! In general, older bucks make more rubs than younger ones.

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When should I start scraping my deer?

Start Early – Most folks set their mock scrapes up just before the season and wonder why they’re not as effective as they’d hoped. While deer typically only scrape in the fall, they will use licking branches year round. Set yours well ahead of hunting season to give deer ample time to find it and start using it.

Should I hunt rubs or scrapes?

Although scrapes can attract deer and influence their behavior, rubs are a much more effective signpost for deer. As noted by such experts as John J. Ozoga, bucks make rubs to show dominance. That’s why mature bucks usually make the most and biggest rubs each season.

Can you tell how big a buck is by a rub?

Wherever you find rubs on multitrunked or closely clumped trees, look for scars or broken branches on saplings and shrubs adjacent to the main rub. They can tell you how wide a buck’s rack is.

What kind of trees do deer like to rub?

Staghorn sumac, red maple, black cherry, balsam fir, pines and willows are also frequently rubbed, whereas sugar maple, ironwood, beech and paper birch are usually avoided. All bucks occasionally rub saplings less than two inches in diameter, but only older bucks regularly rub trees six or more inches in diameter.

How do you protect trees from deer rubs?

Surround a small tree with a 6-foot-tall barrier of hardware wire mesh supported by fence posts if you are unable to wrap the trunk due to its small size. Deer repellants are not effective in controlling buck rubs; you need to get a sturdy physical barrier around the trunks of your trees in order to prevent damage.

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Why do deer rub their velvet off?

The Shed. By fall, antlers are fully grown and the bone cells die. Velvet dries up and falls off. Bucks rub their antlers to strengthen their neck muscles and mark trees with their scent.

Does vanilla extract attract deer?

Registered. Vanilla Extract will attract deer.

Will a buck rub the same tree?

Bucks make early-season rubs for several reasons: Scraping antlers on trees builds up neck and shoulder muscles. Other bucks may rub the same tree, adding their signature smells. Mature bucks make their initial rubs in September and early October on stout trees, usually 2 to 4 inches in diameter.

Which Bucks make the earliest rubs?

The earliest rubs of the season are typically the work of the biggest deer. Dominant bucks begin rubbing before smaller bucks and will continue the activity throughout the year. Deer biologists have found that individual bucks make from 69 to 538 rubs each year, with dominant bucks averaging 300 rubs or more.

How far do deer bed from scrapes?

In many instances bucks will make a line of scrapes ( 20 to 50 yards apart ) along such trails. Because many primary scrapes are found along well-worn trails, more than one buck (and does) will work and rework them during the seeking, chasing and breeding phases of the rut.

What smell to put on licking branch?

If you want to scent the scrape, then you can pee in it yourself. You can also purchase some deer urine and pour it in the scrape. There is a product called “Old Smokey’s” scent that is supposed to be forehead gland scent that you could use on the licking branch.

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